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Hi, I’m Lewis, a young English guy backpacking the world since 2012! Despite having a genetic bone disorder, my love for travel has shone through and fuelled my wanderlust.

Over the last few years I’ve worked in Des Moines (USA), volunteered in Kyimo (Tanzania), lived in Sydney (yep, Australia!) and travelled everywhere in between.

One Man and His Backpack is a place where I share my stories, experiences and travel advice with, well, the rest of the world! I hope to provide inspiration and information that will help YOU at some point on your travels – now Grab Your Backpack and Go!


How I got where I am today…


Born in the 90s with a weak bone disorder, I had a very protected childhood. My weak bones meant I couldn’t participate in sports and had to be careful whenever doing anything physical.

One thing I could do though, was enjoy the beaches, natural parks and historic sites of foreign countries. Plenty of family holidays to far flung destinations soon ignited my passion for travel.

Throughout my teenage years I was part of a successful drug trial that helped to strengthen my bones. Thus, by the time I left for University I was able to lead a relatively normal life.

Up next was the trip that changed everything for me – the successful ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro. Not only was it a major personal achievement (especially given my history of brittle bones), but the culture and nature of Tanzania worked its way into my veins. Ever since that point, I’ve had an unwavering love for the exploration of new countries.

After dropping out of university, that love for travel has really taken a-hold. However, the constant travelling has come at a cost – over the past few years I’ve broken both ankles whilst on trips abroad.

This has made it clear that my brittle bones will remain a part of my life for the foreseeable future. With that being said, it’ll take more than some weak bones to put a halt to my passion for travel, eating and exploration!


My interests


I’m a foodie. It’s as simple as that. Thankfully travelling is a fantastic way of trying out heaps of new dishes and flavours – look out for my recommendations in future blog posts! I’m also a big nature lover and will jump at the chance to go hiking in a national park or spot animals in their natural habitat.

My other interests are watching the sunset (who doesn’t enjoy a good sunset?!) and photography – I’m proud to say that every photo on this website is my own.


In my element – watching the sunset from Mount Kilimanjaro
Rating out of 10 for my starfish impression? 5/10? 6 maybe…?

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