Campervan Life – the fun, the funky & the fails!

Buying a campervan is the first step towards getting the true Aussie experience. Touring the coastal hotspots or venturing into the outback with life-long friends or new-found travel mates is the most popular way to see what this vast country has to offer.

We all know you drive long distances, blast epic road trip tunes with the windows down, stop off at loads of awesome spots and drink your fair share of goon, but what happens in between? Here’s a list of the nitty gritty stuff that you can expect with life in a campervan! 

You jelly bro?
Get ready to take sneaky peaks at other people’s vans and compare their set-ups with your own! Jealous of that bike rack or huuuuge fridge? Well they probably wish they had a surfboard or your blue polka-dot bed sheets!

Set up like a true camper

I’m having van problems, will you go back for me son?
Okay so sometimes it’s not all plain sailing – you might stop at a particularly awesome spot for a few days only for your van to say “battery says noooo” when you come to head off. Luckily that’s what jump leads and fellow campers are for.

I could’ve stayed here for weeks!

Cooking under the stars
A simple one really, I could certainly get used to it. So should you.

Parking up for the night

3 in a bed
Whatever the reason, you might end up with a few more people in your van than you bargained for when it comes to bed time. I’ll let you decide if that’s a good or a bad thing but believe me it can get pretty cosy!

More people = more gear

Takin it slooooowwww
Want to make those $$$s stretch further? Simple – you might look like an old granny but driving around at 80kph will save you more money than you might expect (and help you dodge those pesky kangas)!

The roads are pretty empty in the outback!

Finding a picnic bench is a thing of the past
Forget searching for that ultimate lunch spot; you’ll soon learn that any place is a good place to prepare a budget lunch of cheese & beetroot sandwiches…or whatever else takes your fancy. Kmart car park, next to a croc-infested river, at a servo station, by the side of the road in the outback, Maccas car park – you name it, I’ve had lunch there.

Anywhere, anytime…

Spidey frights
C’mon, you’re in ‘Straya, of course you’re going to encounter spiders at some point – you’d just better hope they’re out side your van rather than in!

And this is only a small one…

Finger-lickin good
(Advance apologies to all you veggies and vegans out there) For me, finding a reduced, whole, fresh, hot, stuffed chicken at Coles or Woolies is the supermarket jackpot, but the best part is tearing it apart with your bare hands without a care in the world. Because, let’s face it, if you were at home your mum would force you to use a proper carving knife or moan at the mess you’re making.

Loving life with a fresh whole chicken!

Mozi hell
Depending on where in Oz you are, mosquitoes will more than likely hunt you down come dusk and then proceed to bite the crap out of you. They won’t stop until either A) you kill them, or B) they’re so full of your blood that they can no longer fly. Unfortunately you’ll find out that not many insect repellents are effective against them either – long clothes and fire is the best remedy.
Top tip: it might sound stupid, but keep those doors closed – mozis are not good to share a bed with; you’ll only regret it in the morning!

Bring it, mozis!

Bongo time
The best thing about being your own tour guide is doing things WHENEVER YOU WANT (in Africa they call this Bongo time). My favourite example is not doing the washing up the exact second you finish eating!

Taking it easy…

You shall worship Fuel Map
A handy little app that shows you up-to-date fuel prices and locations as well as letting you log your fuel expenditure, Fuel Map will save you heaps of money – spending top dollar for that diesel is a thing of the past!

You’ll check fuel prices almost as much as Facebook!

Feel like an expert campervanist now?

Curious to put these claims to the test?

Well grab yourself a van and get out there – Australia’s not going to explore itself you know!


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