How to reach the EPIC Morro do Lampião viewpoint


Morro do Lampião – Lamp Hill viewpoint – is my favourite lookout point in Florianópolis.

When you know how, getting there is pretty simple too. And in case you didn’t know, here’s a rundown of how to reach Morro do Lampião:


Step 1 – reach the base of the walk

The start of the walk is at the following co-ordinates: -27.666101, -48.488977 (copy and paste these co-ordinates into Google Maps to display the location visually).

Reaching these co-ordinates by car is easy enough – follow the Google Maps directions if driving yourself, or show the location to a taxi driver. Parking is available but limited. If you can’t find space to park at these exact co-ordinates, try some of the streets nearby.

Walking to these co-ordinates is also possible if you’re staying locally.

Buses don’t stop directly at this location, but can be used to get close (and then walk from there). To the east of the co-ordinates, Avenida Campeche is served by buses 462, 500 and 4122. To the location’s northwest, the SC-406 is served by buses 460, 500, 841, 843 and 4122. I think the simplest way of knowing where to get off would be using GPS from your phone. Alternatively, just use the public transport option in Google Maps when planning a route.

hilltop view of trees, island and ocean
Views all the way round


Step 2 – Follow the path

Once at the above co-ordinates, it’s a fairly straight forward climb. Logistically it’s very easy – just follow the path uphill until you reach the top! The path will wind through some forest before coming out at the bottom of some huge rocks – it’s the second bigger rock that you’ll want to climb. Cue next section…

Note: despite being logistically easy, the path is steep in places, uneven at times, and becomes quite slippery when wet. For this reason, prepare accordingly (more on that later).


Step 3 – climb onto the rock

This final step is physically the hardest, but necessary to get the very best views! Around the southwest side of the largest rock are some tree roots and branches that can be used to help you climb up on top. If you can’t see any trees to give you a helping hand, you’re probably at the wrong rock!

Finally, enjoy the views and revel in your successful climb!

friends sitting atop rock with views
We made it to the top of the rock!


Recommended items

Aside from obvious options like water, sunscreen and insect repellent, here are 2 recommendations for items to wear or pack when visiting Lamp Hill viewpoint.

➲ A torch – I actually broke my ankle on the way down from this viewpoint as it was too dark to see a small tree stump in the forest. It wasn’t actually that dark (it was only just after sunset) but the dim light was enough for me to lose my footing and cause an injury that ruined the rest of my trip. So, if you intend to visit around sunrise/sunset or even during the night (to see the stars?!) – consider taking a torch (flashlight for Americans) with you!

➲ Sturdy footwear – As mentioned above, the path is steep, uneven and slippery at times. Sturdy footwear would be a sensible option to make the climb that little bit easier. Plus, climbing onto the final rock in anything other than trainers/walking boots would be pretty difficult!

man atop hilltop viewpoint with arms outstretched
When will YOU be climbing Morro do Lampião?



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