How to use this website

Welcome to One Man and His Backpack – the blog of backpack expert Lewis Jones.

On this website, there are 2 main ways to explore the wide variety of content:


Using the map


The world map feature lets you explore from a visual perspective. Scroll around to find the country of your choosing, then zoom in to see any related articles.

Click on a black way-marker to view a preview of an article, then click the preview title to view the full article. To view a different article preview, click the cross in top right of the preview image then continue scrolling until you find something of interest.


screenshot of world map with icons over various countries
The Map function – all the black icons are articles I’ve written


Map navigation controls


Mouse or track-pad (laptop/desktop)

• Move around – click, hold and drag (drag in the opposite direction to the one you want to navigate)

• Zoom in – double click or [single] click the ‘+’ sign on the left hand side of the map

• Zoom out – click the ‘-‘ sign on the left hand side of the map


Touchscreen (laptop/tablet/smartphone)

• Move around – use 2 fingers to press, hold and drag (drag in the opposite direction to the one you want to navigate)

• Zoom in – double tap or [single] tap the ‘+’ sign on the left hand side of the map or press, hold and move 2 fingers in opposite directions

• Zoom out – tap the ‘-‘ sign on the left hand side of the map or press, hold and pinch 2 fingers together


screenshot of colombia map with icons
Use 2 fingers to move the map on a touchscreen


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Maybe the menu options will help:


2. Using the menus


On One Man and His Backpack, the menus are laid out so that you can quickly and easily navigate to an article of interest.


➲ The first menu item is: “My Backpack”. Clicking here takes you directly to a page where I explain about my current backpack, its features, and what’s inside.

➲ Second is the Map function, as explained above.

➲ Next up is the “Categories” menu. Funnily enough, this is where all the articles are categorised. There are drop-down menus for different sub-categories, such as Photo Stories, Travel Stories, Island Guides & Transport Guides. Packing Tips is one of the most useful categories, whereas Travel Rants is one of the most relatable!

➲ After categories, comes “Destinations”. This is designed for people who want to read about a specific country or place without using the Map function. Countries are grouped under their respective continent.

➲ Finally, is the “About” menu (likely where you accessed this article from!). Other options here are to read an author bio, view my Instagram photos, follow me on social media or email me via a contact form.


screenshot of website menus overlaying a map
How the menus appear on the desktop version


How to navigate the menus


The menus will appear slightly differently depending on which type of device you’re using.


On a laptop or desktop, the menus will be laid out along the top menu bar. To view sub-categories of any menu, hover over any option with an arrow and then continue navigating downwards and across.


On a tablet or smartphone, you will be viewing a mobile version of the website. Therefore, the menus can be found by tapping the 3 lines (≡) in the top left of the screen (this 3 line icon can also be displayed as 3 dots, and is known as the hamburger symbol). After clicking the hamburger symbol you can access all the menus as normal.


screenshot of mobile website
TOP LEFT is the ‘hamburger’ menu button as viewed on a touchscreen – press it to view the menus


Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Type it into the search bar (click on the magnifying glass icon to access it) and see what comes up!


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