Two Unmissable Eateries in Jakarta

Bandar Djakarta Ancol

Bandar Djakarta is a fresh seafood restaurant that allows you to choose the exact fish as well as your desired cooking method. Visiting this place was one of my favourite experiences in Jakarta.

Firstly, you browse their huge array of water tanks and cool boxes, deciding what you might like to eat – choose from shrimp, lobster, crab, mussels, calamari, prawns, many different types of fish and more.

Browsing the large choice of fishy treats

After selecting your seafood items, it’s time to choose how you want them cooked; options include baked, boiled, fried and grilled. You can decide how spicy you’d like the food to be and pick any side dishes that you wish to accompany your meal. At this stage, your items get weighed by the counter staff and then handed over for the chefs to work their magic.

Finally, once prepared, all that’s left is to enjoy your fresh fish feast! I came here with a Couchsurfing friend from Jakarta; we enjoyed a huge spread of mussels, spicy grilled fish, fried calamari, veggies, rice and more.


To see a short video about my experience at the restaurant, click here.


Despite being busy, the large open-air environment ensures that Bandar Djakarta never feels crowded – in fact it can get quite atmospheric with birthday celebrations, people chatting and live music. It’s also situated next to the waterfront; after stuffing your belly you can take a coastal stroll to settle your stomach.

Price wise, it’s definitely more expensive than street food and other regular restaurants, but in my opinion still represents good value for money based on the food quality, portion sizes and overall experience. For example, the large meal that my friend and I shared cost Rp260,000 (£14/US$18) – affordable by western standards for what you get, but relatively expensive in Indonesia. It’s still worth the experience though – go for it!

Our multiple plates of deliciousness!



This popular restaurant chain serves classic Indonesian food in small outlets across Jakarta.

One of the reasons that I enjoyed visiting Remboelan so much is that they seem to have nailed just about everything.

  • The food – delicious & plentiful.
  • The presentation – colourful & clever.
  • The decor – modern & stylish.
  • The service – courteous & attentive.
Even the teapots and cups look amazing!

Their menu ranges from the classic Sop Ayam (chicken soup) to in-house specialities such as Nasi Bakar Cumi Gurih (chilli squid rice). As mentioned above, all dishes are extremely well presented and taste fantastic too (at least the ones that I tried)!

In terms of prices, Remboelan is on par with Bandar Djakarta. I once again visited with my Couchsurfing friend; our meal of 2 starters, 2 mains, drinks and a dessert cost a total of Rp365,000 (£20/US$25). If you fancy a break from street food and cheap warungs (no frills eateries serving local food) or are simply looking for a little luxury, Remboelan is your best bet!


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They have 7 locations across the city so plenty of choice depending on where you’re situated. The one that I visited was in the Grand Indonesia mall, on Sky Bridge level 3A. The inside of the restaurant was exquisitely decorated and the service was prompt and efficient.

Be aware though, due to its popularity Remboelan can get very busy – even outside peak dining times. My advice would be to call ahead to book a table or try to visit during the day rather than in the evening. Contact phone numbers for all their outlets can be found on their website (by clicking the “outlets” tab) here:

Another tasty spread!



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