What I miss most about Greece

Greece is one of my favourite countries in the entire World. Here are 3 reasons why I miss it.



Ohhh boy, how wrong I was!

There I was, eating tomatoes in Greece, thinking to myself “wow, I don’t remember tomatoes tasting this good, I must eat more of them when I return home”. And so I did; back in England I recreated a Greek salad. Except, it wasn’t quite the same. It looked like a Greek salad, but tasted like a pile of watery vegetables.

You see, I had assumed that tomatoes would taste more or less the same the world over. Yet that couldn’t have been further from the truth. The ones I bought in England were pulpy and tasteless – nothing like the deliciously juicy varieties available in Greece.

I miss Greek tomatoes not just for their superior taste, but also the fact that they’re a staple of the country’s diet. You eat them every day – in Greek salads, on dakos bread, in stews, soups, sauces – and that I miss.

Tomatoes are stars of the classic Greek salad


Blue & White Walls

They’re everywhere.
They’re both visually attractive and purposeful.
They’re an embodiment of Greek life; unfussy, straightforward.
They’re synonymous with the national flag – internationally recognised as the colours of Greece.

I miss their simplicity and aesthetic appeal.
I miss photographing them.
I miss blue & white walls purely because they remind me of Greece – one of my favourite countries in the World.

Postcard blue domes in Santorini



I honestly don’t know of any country in the world that has better beaches than Greece. Nowhere that I’ve visited has been able to trump the magnificent combination of sand, sun, sea and scenery that makes Greek beaches so noteworthy.

The sand is so soft and white; perfect for sunbathing, beach games or just a gentle stroll.

The sea is stunningly clear at the water’s edge, giving way to a dazzling blue the deeper you get. The warm water invites you into it’s gentle waves, charming your senses and never letting go.

The scenery is naturally beautiful -towering cliffs, rocky outcrops and secluded coves are everywhere you look.

Rarely are Greek beaches dwarfed by towering buildings or other man-made structures. That’s why I love, and miss, the beaches of Greece so much!

A secluded slice of heaven


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