Where to eat in Aurangabad

If you’re in Aurangabad then you’ll most likely be visiting the Ellora and Ajanta caves.

(Read more about the caves here)

But let me tell you a little secret; cave touring is hard work!

So here are the best places to refuel after a hard day of sightseeing:


Kailash Veg Restaurant

This all vegetarian restaurant should be the first place you eat at in Aurangabad; they have plenty of choice and their prices are pocket friendly.

The dosas (savoury pancakes with filling & sauce) and uttapam (thicker dosa with toppings rather than fillings) make for a filling breakfast while the rest of the menu gives you more than enough options for lunch or dinner. They even have some western options like pizza and sandwiches for those of you not up to stomaching Indian food (especially for breakfast)!

I can highly recommend the Kailash special dosa – a delicious masala (stuffed) dosa decorated with coconut and cashew nuts, served with a rich sambar (sauce) and coconut chutney.

My delightful masala special dosa (see the sambar and chutney in the background)



Tandoor is one of my favourite restaurants in Aurangabad; it serves up a variety of food cooked in…wait for it…a tandoor (….open oven).

If you’re in a group then be sure to try one of their sizzler specialities! Unfortunately I was alone so the sizzlers were both out of my price range and too much food to handle (even for me!).

Luckily they offer all the best dishes in single portion size so I tried the tandoori chicken (what else at a restaurant called tandoor?!). It was delicious – certainly living up to its name. I also tried an authentic tandoor-cooked naan – less bready than our English counterpart but a perfect accompaniment to my boneless chicken chunks and subtle mint sauce.

Tandoor also serve a wide range of beers, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks – the perfect excuse to splash out and have a real feast!

Not the best photo but I was so hungry that I tucked straight in!


Bhoj Thali

As the name suggests, Bhoj are famous for their thalis (platters of many different ingredients, sometimes unlimited) – specifically an all-vegetarian Rajasthani & Gujarati thali.

I liked that it wasn’t overly complicated – some thalis try to impress by serving too many different items but Bhoj’s thali got the balance just right. Another thing I loved was the addition of kachori (spicy fried snack, similar to samosa)- one of my Indian guilty pleasures!

It’s also fantastic value for money at just ₹240 (£2.5/US$3.3) for this unlimited thali – if you have a big appetite then you can’t go wrong with Bhoj!

This is a thali!
Waiters dressed in colourful Rajasthani attire


The Yellow Chef

If you fancy something more western with an Indian twist then check out The Yellow Chef.

This bright street food stall-cum-cafe serves fresh simple food in a welcoming environment. On the menu are burgers, loaf sandwiches, pizzas and other snacks – all made with typical Indian spices and ingredients (except the CHOCOLATE PIZZAS – no spices there)!

My vegetable loaf sandwich was tasty, filling and good value for money at ₹90 (£0.95/US$1.2).

Loafed up


Green Leaf

Another vegetarian restaurant serving up some seriously tasty dishes – this one on the east side of town – is the Green Leaf.

There’s a wealth of choice and the quality of the food is very good. It’s slightly pricier but there are still some good options for under ₹200 (£2.1/US$2.8).

I can recommend the Punjabi dal tadka (cooked lentils in a spciy sauce), but beware – it’s a little on the spicy side (certainly pushed the upper levels of my spice tolerance)!

Read more: 5 signs you’ve got a spicy curry.

Rich dal tadka and all the accompaniments


Grab a Vada Pav

Not necessarily the healthiest option but at just ₹10 (£0.1/US$0.14) vada pavs (fried potato dumpling in a bun with spicy sauce) are unbeatable value for money!

Essentially a mini veggie burger, they’re fresh, tasty and filling. Add a little spicy sauce into the equation and you’ve got yourself a great afternoon snack!

Simple. Cheap. Filling.


Have you tried any of these places? Or maybe I’ve missed one? Let me know your favourites!




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