Where to eat in Naxos

I’ve tried and tested the best eateries in Naxos to bring you my top recommendations. Keep an eye out for options with a star (⭐) next to them – these are not to be missed!

The dollar signs ($) next to each name indicate a rough pricing.

Sitári bakery $

Situated in the centre of town, this little bakery was my go-to place for breakfast. They’ve got cheap coffee – including cold Greek Frappés – and a large choice of freshly baked breads, pastries and cakes.

Prices aren’t too bad – I paid €4.2 (£3.8/US$4.9) for my cheese & leek pastry and a cappuccino. There’s plenty of seating outside (and in the adjacent square) but my advice would be to opt for takeaway then walk to either the marina or Agios Georgios Beach for breaky with a view!

Breakfast on the beach


⭐ Maro’s $$

Maro’s serves up huuuuuge portions of decent homemade food for cheap prices – what more could you want? A free desert? Sure, you get that too!

Admittedly the service isn’t the best but that’s just the relaxed Greek culture for you! The food is what you come here for and I wasn’t disappointed.

I tried the weekend speciality ‘Pork Exohiko’ – pork meat stuffed with peppers, feta cheese and tomatoes. Most dishes come with a choice of either mixed rice or chips (fries); my health-conscious brain chose rice but I couldn’t finish it as the Exohiko was so enormous – it was bigger than my fist!

Hearty home-cooked food!


Avli $$

Whilst exploring the southwest coast of Naxos, I stopped in at a seafront taverna for a spot of lunch. I only wanted something light though as I’d be cycling back to town afterwards.

Avli really hit the spot with a fresh Greek salad and some delicious marinated anchovies. Prices were more expensive than elsewhere – in total my lunch came to €11.4 (£10/US$13) – but I didn’t mind paying that little extra for some high quality food. The view alone is worth a few pennies!

They specialise in fresh seafood so come here if you’re a fan of fish!

A fresh light lunch


Kalimera Grill $$

You can’t visit Naxos and not take a half-day trip to the secluded village of Apollonas. Here you’ll find plenty of eateries lining the marina; all vying for your trade. Take a look across the other side of the small bay though, and you’ll find Kalimera Grill with its cheaper prices and arguably better views.

The guys at Kalimera (Greek for ‘Good Morning’) will welcome you with open arms and give you a taste of authentic Greek food. They’ve got all the classics on the menu but be warned; the secluded location means they might not be able to offer every dish on every day. I was after an aubergine (eggplant) dish known as Iman Bayildi (you have to try this at some point!) but because they were out of aubergine I settled for some vine leaves and another vegetable dish known as Briam.

Vine leaves & briam, with an obligatory serving of bread


⭐ Kozi $$

Moussaka is a staple of Greek cuisine and by now a world famous dish. It consists of aubergine, minced meat, potato and cheese – all layered up in a clay pot and baked to perfection in an oven. Moussaka should be at the top of your ‘Greek food to try’ list, but unfortunately finding a good one can be quite tricky. Many restaurants will offer it as part of a cheap set menu to attract tourists but in reality it’ll just be a re-heated portion from a large moussaka that was bulk-made earlier that day (NOT the case with Kozi).

I ate many moussakas during my 5 week trip to Greece, and am proud to announce that the BEST MOUSSAKA IN GREECE* can be found at Kozi in Naxos. It was rich, cheesy, flavoursome and just damn delicious! It was also served in a clay pot and piping hot throughout – signs that it had been freshly cooked.

And the best thing? It wasn’t that expensive either – it cost me €8.3 (£7.4/US$9.6) including some fresh bread to dip in the sauce. Kozi is also situated right on the beach so has great views of the nearby Apollon Temple (depending on the time of year though you might want to bring a jacket as the outdoor tables can get a tad breezy).

*my personal favourite

Magnificent moussaka!


To Souvlaki Tou Maki (Papavasileiou Street) $

Gyros are renowned all over Greece for being a cheap snack/meal – popular among students and tourists alike. Standard gyros’ go for anywhere between €2-2.6 (£1.8-2.3/US$2.3-3), so when you can get an extra large gyros for €3 (£2.7/US$3.5), you know you’re onto a winner!

Therefore, if you need a cheap and filling meal whilst in Naxos, head straight to To Souvlaki Tou Maki on Papavasileiou Street and order yourself an extra large one with all the fillings (tzatziki, onion, tomato and chips).

A giiiiant gyros!


Πι & Φι (Pi & Fi) $

This one is for the sweet-toothed among you. Pi & Fi offer the cheapest, probably largest and possibly tastiest crepes on the island. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with a strawberry & Nutella crepe for €2.5 (£2.2/US$2.9)!

They also offer a range of other fast food but the crepes were definitely the best seller. Go on, treat yourself!



Feeling enticed by some classic Greek dishes? You should be – Greek food is among my very favourite in the world!

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