Where to eat in New York?


With so many different restaurants, cafes and themed bars in the Big Apple, you might ask yourself “Where to eat in New York”?

Fear not, I’ve got 5 hot eateries right here for you. Budget friendly and packed with flavour, these places are ready to tantalise your taste buds! Some even come with a side order of entertainment!


Joe’s Pizza

This is the go-to place for New York style thin crust pizza. Served up by the slice, Joe’s has been keeping customers happy since 1975 with a range of classic pizza slices. Pizzas are made fresh throughout the day and the high turnover means there’s a good chance of bagging yourself a piping hot slice straight from the oven!

Top Tip

Beware of imitations!

Other similarly named “Joe’s Pizza” joints have cropped up around the city following the original Joe’s fame from being featured in Spiderman (and just having the best dang pizza). The original store is located at 7 Carmine St. Other genuine Joe’s stores are at 150 East 14th St, 216 Bedford Avenue and 1435 Broadway.

a slice of basil and mozzarella pizza
Slice of Joe’s


Ellen’s Stardust Diner

This 50’s themed classic American diner comes with a rather crazy twist – the wait staff sing. Yes. The diner staff sing their hearts out, dance on tables and otherwise do everything in their power to entertain the awe-inspired customers. The best bit though? They’re actually damn good singers! Apparently working here is a stepping stone to Broadway – whatever the reason though, I don’t mind!

Ellen’s menu consists of steaks, salads, burgers, all-day breakfasts and more. Prices are at the higher end of ‘budget-friendly’ (the more expensive items are definitely not budget friendly I’m afraid), but you’re paying for the experience as much as anything.

waitress singing while people eat in an american diner
How’s that for live entertainment?




Although not technically a place to eat, McSorley’s Old Ale House is worthy of a space on this list. Established in 1854, McSorley’s has a rich history – if you’re interested just ask the barman, he’d be more than happy to tell you a thing or two.

The best thing about McSorley’s though, is their extensive drinks list – light or dark. You choose between light or dark ale, and that is literally it. No lager, no cocktails, no coke zero, just pure, simple delicious ale. It comes served in classic tankards 2 at a time (each one is quite small though).

McSorley’s atmosphere and decor is another major draw for visitors. It’s maintained a very vintage look both outside and in, and the atmosphere is relaxed with everyone happy to be drinking good ale.

vintage bar with ale
Ol’ McSorley’s


Umami Burger

There are hundreds if not thousands of burger joints in NYC. My go-to choice was Umami Burger in southern Manhattan.

Umami use an interesting array of ingredients to generate some truly WOW flavours. Such accompaniments to their burgers include: truffle glaze; miso mustard; okra pickle; parmesan frico and many more.

where to eat in new york? umami!


Brick Lane Curry House

In my opinion, the best value for money curry house in New York. The lunch buffet spread includes rice, naan, roti, curries, pappadums, chutneys, sides and more.

For spice maniacs, they also serve a ridiculously hot curry known as the phaal. It was even featured on the popular TV series Man vs Food.




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