Why you really should visit Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is a historical town in the centre of Thailand, just 80km north of Bangkok. 

Being so close to the capital city, Ayutthaya should be a thriving tourist hub yet it is overlooked by many who simply bypass it on their way to Chiang Mai in the north.

When I visited SE Asia with a friend (Hi Cara!), Ayutthaya was our first stop after leaving the bustle of Bangkok. To this day, Ayutthaya remains one of my favourite places in all of Thailand. Here are my reasons why you really should consider visiting:


Heaps of History

The majority of Ayutthaya is actually an island – bordered on all sides by 3 interconnecting rivers. This island forms the Ayutthaya Historical Park, which encompasses many of the important historical sites of the city (including plenty of beautiful temples, see next section).

Ayutthaya history dates back to 1350 when it was founded by King Uthong (then King of the Ayutthaya Kingdom). It thrived for many years until being invaded by Burmese some centuries later. Luckily, many of the significant historic sites remain today and large parts of Ayutthaya are protected under the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Part of the UNESCO site


Beautiful Temples

Ayutthaya’s historic sites consist largely of Buddhist temples. Notable examples are the Wat Chai Watthanaram and Wat Lokaya Sutharam (large reclining Buddha).

Some of the temples aren’t completely restored but their raw, untouched nature is what I enjoyed most about Ayutthaya’s historic sites.

Wat Lokaya Sutharam (reclining Buddha)


Top Tip

Hire bicycles!

The easiest and most efficient way to explore Ayutthaya’s temples is by bicycle. Enquire at your accommodation about prices.

Biking around Ayutthaya



One thing I really liked about visiting Ayutthaya is how quiet it was. There weren’t many people around, the air was clean and fresh, there were plenty of green areas to walk around in and it just felt…serene.

This impression was likely prompted by the fact that I had just arrived from the hectic streets of Bangkok, but I still feel like it’s a valid reason for visiting. Although dubbed a city, Ayutthaya is far from it – more like a huge green park situated next to a small town.


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Barely anyone in sight (apart from my friend)!


No Excuses

(How to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok)

When it comes to logistics, there really are no excuses for not visiting Ayutthaya! It’s located just 80km north of Bangkok and therefore feasible to visit in a single day trip from Thailand’s capital (although I’d recommend staying at least 1 night).

Alternatively, you could stop off in Ayutthaya on your way to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand – this is what I did and I’d highly recommend it.

Here are the 4 best ways to reach Ayutthaya from Bangkok:

By Regular Bus
From – Morchit (Northern) Bus Terminal, Bangkok
To – Naresuan Road, Ayutthaya
Duration – 2 hours
Frequency – every 30 mins
Cost – ฿60 (£1.5/US$1.9)

By Tourist Bus
From – Khao San Road, Bangkok
To – your accomodation in Ayutthaya
Duration – 2 hours
Frequency – every hour
Cost – ฿200+ (£4.9/US$6.2)

By Train
From – Hua Lampong station, Bangkok
To – Ayutthaya station, Ayutthaya
Duration – 1.5 hours
Frequency – every hour
Cost – 3rd class seat from ฿20 (£0.5/US$0.6), first class (with air-con) from ฿200 (£4.9/US$6.2)
(a very useful article for train travel: www.seat61.com)

By Taxi
From – anywhere in Bangkok
To – anywhere in Ayutthaya
Duration – 1 hour
Frequency – flexible
Cost – ฿500+ (£12/US$16)


Top Tip

Eat at the night markets!

Visit the Ayutthaya Night Markets along Bang Ian Road to browse for handmade crafts or grab some street food.


So, now you know WHY you should visit Ayutthaya, the question is; WHEN will you visit Ayutthaya?!




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